Mobile game test cases

1. Check for background music and sound effects
- ON/OFF sound & background music check
- Put the device into sleep mode n check
- Receive the call and check
- Verify if sound effects are in sync with action
- ON/OFF device sound(native sound) and check
- Check for vibration effect if present

2. UI
- Check in Landscape/Portrait mode
- Check for animation, movement of character, graphics, Zoom In/Out (all gestures) etc
- There should not be any clipping
- Test when one object overlaps with another
- Verify if loading indicator is displayed wherever required
- Character should not move out of the screen/specified area
- Test for enable and disable images/icons/buttons etc
- Check for screen title
- Check for message title, message description, label (should be appropriate)
- Check scrolling
- Font
- Check other objects too (ex -if its a car race- you need to look at road, people, other objects like buildings etc)

3. Performance (imp)
- Check the loading time of a game
- Make sure that any action is not taking considerable time, game flow should be fast

4. Score
- score calculation
- Verify leaderboards General/All time/Weekly/local etc
- Check the score registration functionality
- Check the format (whether, coma is required in score etc ideally if customer is a foriegner coma should be in millions not in thousands )
- Check for level completion syncs with the score

5. Time Out
- check for time out
- Do the actions when time-out yet to happen

6. Multitasking
- Switch b/w different apps and play game , check for
sound, score, UI, time-out etc

7. Pause
- Check if game is paused when call received or multitasking or sleep mode

8. Save Settings
- Turnoff and ON device, check if settings are saved
- Log out /On , check same
- User should not loose his game in above conditions

9. User profile
- Put a all types of images in Player profile n check
- Put special character, numbers,space in username and check
- Password should be in masked

10. Push notifications

11. Chat feature
- Check the profile images
- max limit of chat description
- Enter empty string, special character and check
- For a opponent , there should be a notification that he has received a message

13. Functionality
- Check game area, game logic
- play till last level
- get the cheat codes from development team and check all the levels
- Check for the features that will be unlocked level-wise
- Check for bonus score
- Check the score hike when level gets increased
- Check for multi-tap action (example in a car race we hold accelerator and left/right turn button simultaneously)
- Menu options
- Different game modes/location

14. Help & About Screen
- its must
- Should be in easily understandable format
- free from spelling mistakes
- URL should be hyperlinked (depends)

15. Multiplayer game
- Session expiry check
- login/log out
- Registration (Sign Up)
- Verify account (receive verification mail)
- login with registered but not verified account (without clicking verification link)
- Forgot password checks (many cases here)
- Game flow
- Check for WIN/lost/Draw
- Check user statistics graph 

- Challenge/Decline challenge/receive challenge
- Check for forfeit
- Check when player 2’s turn is on Player 1 is not able to do actions (should not be able to forfeit also)
- Check for pass turn
- Check for time-out (for one player)
- Check the score for both the players till game ends

16. Memory leak
- Check the game when device memory is low

17. N/w check
- N/w messages if n/w is not present
- check if what happens when n/w not present and user plays a move (whether score submitted for that move etc)

18. Check for localization (Support of different languages)

19. Check for time format
- Change the device time , format etc

20. Size
- User wont like if your game takes lot of device space, so keep one eye on game file size

21. Device , OS
- Check in supported screen sizes and os versions

22. Depends on platform
- Sometime we need to check as per os guidliness as well. For ex in Wp7
we need to check in 2 background (light/dark).

23. Check Share options
- Post score via mail/FB/Twitter
- Check the posted/sent messages in FB/Twitter/Mail. Check links are hyperlinked and application icon is displayed in the post (depends)
- If twitter integration is a manual ( custom UI developed by developer), check what happens when u enter more than 140 chars (as twitter limit is 140)

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