Howling at the moon

  I found coool space and the moon image in Seattle.

Howling at the moon

I woke up around 2:45am this morning for some unknown reason and remembered the weatherman talking about a lunar eclipse happening tonight. I tried to grab a couple of photos of it, but it was really a stretch for my equipment.  While standing outside in my sleep shorts and t-shirt, it struck me that it was relatively warm for the end of August. Although the thermometer read 55F degrees, it was still quite comfortable.  For the twenty minutes or so I was outside the coyotes were howling up a storm, I couldn’t count how many I heard, but it had to be anywhere from 5-10 hounds filling the still night air with their Halloween like song. Kind of reminded me of an old Sherlock Holmes tale, the Hound of the Baskervilles.



同名のリメイク版。キャストも有名な俳優が出演している。早い段階で死んでしまうが、リーダー役のドナルド・サザーランドなどが出演。その他、マークウォールバーグ、シャリーズセロン、 ジェイスンステイサム、セスグリーン、エドワードノートン。