Please make a list of all the different types of testing a tester can do.

I like this question b/c then candidates have all these categories at the top of their heads for use in testing questions later in the day.

There are different names for the same kinds of testing, so candidates may use different terms. If you’re not sure, ask them to clarify.

A good answer will include many of the following: (the farther down on the list, the more likely a candidate will miss it)

· Black box – testing without knowing how the code works

· White box – testing when you know exactly what the code is doing

· Gray box – a combination of black and white box

· Automation – using code to create test cases that can be run over and over at the click of a mouse

· Functionality – the basic functional aspects. Ex can you print, save?

· UI (User Interface) –Do buttons and links take you to the right place? Can you find your way around?

· Error handling – if you make a mistake or do something evil, does the product recover gracefully?

· Performance – how fast does the product run under certain conditions?

· Stress – how does the software do when you put stress on it? Heavy loads, fewer resources like memory…

· Stability – how does the software do over time? When it’s been running for days on end?

· Load – how does the software do when lots of people are using it at once?

· Database – is the data getting to and from the database correctly?

· End to End/Integration – testing the code as a full system, rather than testing individual parts

· Component testing – testing the individual parts

· Usability – is the software intuitive to use? Watch actual customers use the product

· Boundary – if a field can take up to 10 characters, test 8, 9 and 10 chars.

· Scalability – can we grow this software to run on more servers and have more customers in the future?

· BVT (Build Verification Test) – basic cases run each time a new build is released)

· API (Application Program Interface) – testing the input/output for an OS service

· Bug Bash – let the whole team (PM, dev, marketing etc) test the product

· Alpha/Beta – let the customers test the product, get their feedback

· Regression – is a bug really fixed? Was anything else broken as a side effect of the fix?

· Compatibility – can the software run on different browsers and operating systems? Backward compatibility for Office and Windows? Upgrades?

· Security – is the software vulnerable to attacks?

· Globalization – is the software world-ready? (ex no hard coded strings)

· Localization – did we break anything when we regionalized the product?